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An Educational Guide on Monarch Butterflies

This guide is an excellent resource for teachers working in pre-schools or primary schools, who want to learn more to teach their students or raise monarch caterpillars as a hobby in your own back garden; or perhaps you’re that person, like me, who treats their caterpillars as pets, and rushes out for emergency dashes to the garden centre if you’ve run out of swan plants.

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Purchase my book here

Im stoked to inform you all, that my book is now available to purchase worldwide on Amazon. This is great news saving international shipping costs.


This step by step guide on the wonderful life cycle of a monarch butterfly, comes with heaps of fun facts and everything you need to know on how to create an ideal pollinators paradise in your own garden. It is an excellent A4 guide, with over 54 pages of beautiful coloured photos and in-depth information – the perfect resource book for teachers working in pre-schools or primary schools, who want to learn more to teach their students on raising healthy monarch caterpillars within the classroom or outdoors. Perhaps you’re that person, like me, who treats their caterpillars as pets, and loves being in their garden connected to nature watching the magical transformation.  Monarchs butterflies have rapidly become my true passion in life, and now I want to share it with children and educators. I’m hoping this will ignite a passion for Monarchs in others too, and ultimately save this beautiful species from extinction.  Monarchs are truly a symbol of hope for our Planet. 

I would love to know what you thought of my book, please add a review to share for others that are considering buying my book on Amazon once you have read it.

Monarch butterfly parties

Does you birthday boy or girl love Monarch Butterflies? Let the Butterfly Musketeers come your house and entertain your children so you can relax knowing your guests will have fun and a great birthday party to remember.

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Elephants and Monarchs

Today 12th August is world Elephant day, dedicated to the preservation and protection of the world’s elephants. What better way to dress the Elephant up with some Monarch wings and celebrate such an awesome creature thats seems to have graced this Earth for many years. World Elephant day is created each year to bring awareness of the dangers facing the African and Asian elephants.

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Monarchs are the doorway to nature

There is much debate as to why I support a non native butterfly. Instead of focusing on native butterflies rather than a butterfly that arrived in New Zealand by its own free will. From my experience and witnessing other people raising Monarchs, I believe Monarchs are the doorway to the world of magic within nature and to the world of butterflies!

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CommUNITY Monarch Butterfly Talks

Less than 2 weeks after the horrific attacks here in Christchurch The Butterfly Musketeers visited the beautiful children at Linwood Ave School. Linwood Ave School is about a minute away from the Mosque where our beloved brothers were shot in a cowardly act whilst praying.

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Media Clippings

Totally proud of my children Lola 8 & Lucas 10 who appeared on New Zealand’s top rating children’s TV Show called Fanimals on TV2. Looks like I can retire and let them share the awareness and importance of the monarch butterflies from now on. 🙏🏼😂

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Giant Swan Plant Sale

I love Kahikatea Common our first event was Butterflies and Pizza, and this one was Swan Plants and Roller Skates, here anything goes. I got reminded that my community event “giant swan plant sale/roller disco ” which would be run by kids to raise money for their various causes randomly came to me in the shower a few weeks ago!!

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Swan Plants & Toxicity

Asclepias Swan Plant
  • Botanical Name: Asclepias physocarpa/Gomphocarpus physocarpa

The Swan Plant is loved by many Kiwis, as it’s the host plant of the Monarch Caterpillar, which lives on the plant for approximately 2 weeks eating as many leaves as possible, before transforming into a beautiful Monarch Butterfly.

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F.A.Q & Helpful Tips

What happens when I run out of Swan Plants?

Buy more or simply before you start raising monarchs, make sure you have sufficient amount of plants ready.

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