After many requests, I am now available face to face via Zoom into your schools & homes. With uncertain times, travelling around the country with restrictions changing it is slightly difficult, and I miss sharing my knowledge and seeing you all. I still feel that I have an important message to spread on behalf of the monarch butterflies that are in decline worldwide. There is so much more to learn and experience with the life cycle, than people realise.

The Butterfly Musketeers’ unique experience is tailored to each and every school and age range of your children. We visit schools in Christchurch during Terms 1 or 4, for 45 – 60 minutes of interaction.  We create a fun learning experience that your children will be talking about for weeks after.

Maria Romero is the author of “An Educational Guide on Monarch Butterflies” which is an excellent educational book on the Monarch Butterfly. Maria Romero was recently awarded a Christchurch Civic 2020 award for service to Environment & Education. Over the last 4 summers, Maria has spoken to over 13,000 people. 

There are heaps of opportunities for teachers and children to ask questions and for me to give advice and plan butterfly gardens.  Plus, take heaps of photos of the children dressed up as monarch butterflies for their learning stories.

The Butterfly Musketeers will bring along our swan plants and answer questions regarding the amazing life cycle of the Monarch butterfly, so children can see first-hand caterpillars, chrysalises, and eggs.

You will still get a copy of my E-Book if you’re outside New Zealand & resources via email. Within New Zealand, your school will be sent seeds, and a signed copy of my Educational Guide on Monarch Butterflies.

What is covered in my talks:-

In depth knowledge of the swan plant.

Fun facts about the monarch butterfly.

How to raise healthy monarch butterflies.

Conservation for the Monarch Butterfly.

Things to know when creating a butterfly habitat in your school.

Caring for your caterpillars.

How pollinators such as bees, birds & butterflies are vital to our ecosystems and produce our natural resources by helping plants reproduce. 70% of the world’s agriculture depends on our pollinators that pollinate our crops and flowers.

Fun facts about the egg, caterpillar, and chrysalis.

Environmental impacts of the loss of species.

The importance of having new guardians that care for our Planet’s needs, to sustain it for future generations. By nurturing our wide range of biodiversity here in New Zealand.

The power of transformation on a personal level, empowering children that they can change and become a beautiful butterfly as an adult.

Mindfulness with Monarchs.

A chance for me to answer all your questions.

And much, much more.

This Course is coming real soon. This will be a recording that you can watch in your own time.

Invoice will be also sent out to the schools, and receipts for PD for teachers that wish to learn more in depth, on how to sow swan plants, activities in the classroom ongoing learning

I promise I be dressed up and will not be wearing PJ bottoms, can’t wait to meet you all on Zoom. All bookings for Zoom, please go to my shop and book. Thanks, Maria

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