Ko au ko te taiao, ko te taiao ko au – I am the environment and the environment is me.

Māori proveb.

The Butterfly Musketeers’ unique experience is tailored to each and every school and age range of your children. We visit schools in Christchurch during Terms 1 or 4, for 45 – 60 minutes of interaction.  We create a fun learning experience that your children will be talking about for weeks after.

Maria Romero is the author of “An Educational Guide on Monarch Butterflies” which is an excellent educational book on the Monarch Butterfly. Maria Romero was recently awarded a Christchurch Civic 2020 award for service to Environment & Education. Over the last 4 summers, Maria has spoken to over 12,000 people. 

There are heaps of opportunities for teachers and children to ask questions and for me to give advice and plan butterfly gardens.  Plus take heaps of photos of the children dressed up as monarch butterflies for their learning stories.

The Butterfly Musketeers will bring along our swan plants and answer questions regarding the amazing life cycle of the Monarch butterfly, so children can see first hand caterpillars, chrysalises, and eggs.

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I also bring along fun learning tools, swan plant seedlings, and other fun goodies that I leave as a gift from us to your school, and access to Butterfly Musketeers information and posters that can use later on.  If the timing is right we bring in a chrysalis and newborn Monarch butterflies.  100% of the time we will bring caterpillars on brand-new plants unless I get told you have plenty of caterpillars already.

The Butterfly Musketeers teach the children fun facts and how to attract the Monarchs to their garden at home.

We would love to come and visit your school! Contact me today for availability, or to learn more about our Monarch Butterfly visits.

What is covered in my talks

  • In depth knowledge of the swan plant.
  • Fun facts about the monarch butterfly.
  • How to raise healthy monarch butterflies.
  • Conservation for the Monarch Butterfly.
  • Things to know when creating a butterfly habitat in your school.
  • Caring for your caterpillars.
  • How pollinators such as bees, birds & butterflies are vital to our ecosystems and produce our natural resources by helping plants reproduce. 70% of the world’s agriculture depends on our pollinators that pollinate our crops and flowers.
  • Fun facts about the egg, caterpillar, and chrysalis.
  • Environmental impacts of the loss of species.
  • The importance of having new guardians that care for our Planet’s needs, to sustain it for future generations. By nurturing our wide range of biodiversity here in New Zealand.
  • The power of transformation on a personal level, empowering children that they can change and become a beautiful butterfly as an adult.
  • Mindfulness with Monarchs.
  • A chance for me to answer all your questions.
  • And much, much more

What’s included in my school visits

  • Swan plants with caterpillars.
  • A packet of Swan Plant seeds courtesy of Yates Seeds.
  • Monarch Colouring in sheets.
  • Examples of artwork that can be made in the classroom.
  • Posters and Activities for the children.
  • Packs of Butterfly Musketeers stickers for the children.
  • Monarch dress-up wings and masks to wear and fly around like a butterfly.
  • Worksheets.

Christchurch’s preschools’ sessions are slightly shorter due to the little ones’ attention spans. We advise that older ones only take part (3-5’s years of age), as this way they get to absorb all the information without the 2-year-old’s running around and distracting them, in turn, the teachers will learn so much too. We teach through fun, puppets, poems, play, movement.

I’d love to come and talk at your school, pre-school. Book me now for Oct-Dec 2021or January – February & March 2022 talks or contact me to find out availability!

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