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Monarch butterfly parties

Does you birthday boy or girl love Monarch Butterflies? Let the Butterfly Musketeers come your house and entertain your children so you can relax knowing your guests will have fun and a great birthday party to remember.

What pre-schoolers experience while learning about Monarch Caterpillars

Children feel great joy as well as gaining heaps of knowledge from learning about and observing the metamorphosis of the Monarch butterfly. They learn to care and show empathy towards the animal kingdom. They are drawn to the monarchs as they are a harmless… Continue Reading “What pre-schoolers experience while learning about Monarch Caterpillars”

My journey to my book Launch

My book launch wasn’t about a night of plugging or selling my book. It was a night to celebrate how anyone CAN DO what I pulled off at the end of 2016. About how I didn’t really see this book coming until six months… Continue Reading “My journey to my book Launch”

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New book: An Educational Guide on Monarch butterflies