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Be curious…… be YOU

It started with curiosity watching the life cycle of a Monarch butterfly with my young pre schoolers, the spark inside me ignited and my passion grew organically. I enjoyed taking photos of nature, whilst fully in the moment. I loved all the colourful flowers… Continue Reading “Be curious…… be YOU”

Elephants and Monarchs

Today 12th August is world Elephant day, dedicated to the preservation and protection of the world’s elephants. What better way to dress the Elephant up with some Monarch wings and celebrate such an awesome creature thats seems to have graced this Earth for many… Continue Reading “Elephants and Monarchs”

Media Clippings Totally proud of my children Lola 8 & Lucas 10 who appeared on New Zealand’s top rating children’s TV Show called Fanimals on TV2. Looks like I can retire and let them share the awareness and importance of the monarch butterflies from now… Continue Reading “Media Clippings”

Butterfly Goddess

I wanted a special Monarch Butterfly dress for a long time and I knew Jo Kidd was amazing and I just had to wait for the right time for the dress to be designed and created and Jo didn’t disappoint.  August I finally got… Continue Reading “Butterfly Goddess”

Why I do what I do

My mission of protecting and raising awareness for the Monarch butterflies

Tauranga Bay – Monarch butterfly paradise in Northland.

  Here in Tauranga Bay just 40 minutes north from Kerikeri in the Far North, I discovered one of the best spots in New Zealand for camping. Beautiful, clean, golden sandy beaches with amazing views of all the islands in the bay. Within minutes… Continue Reading “Tauranga Bay – Monarch butterfly paradise in Northland.”

Overwintering Parks in NZ

The overwintering stage in New Zealand starts in April or May. This is when swarms of Monarch butterflies form regularly to overwinter at places around the country.

Christchurch School Visits

The Butterfly Musketeers first started going around schools in November 2016. I didn’t realise until now what a fantastic job I’ve got. I never knew how much I’d love going into classrooms talking about the wonderful Monarch Butterflies, raise awareness and educate the children… Continue Reading “Christchurch School Visits”

How it all started with me and the Monarch butterflies

I’m Maria Romero. This passion for Monarch butterflies started back in 2010, just before the devastating earthquake in Christchurch. I remember discovering my first swan plants at a Playcentre I went to with my children. There was a science table with eggs and caterpillars on the plant.