Swan Plants & Toxicity

Asclepias Swan Plant
  • Botanical Name: Asclepias physocarpa/Gomphocarpus physocarpa

The Swan Plant is loved by many Kiwis, as it’s the host plant of the Monarch Caterpillar, which lives on the plant for approximately 2 weeks eating as many leaves as possible, before transforming into a beautiful Monarch Butterfly.

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F.A.Q & Helpful Tips

What happens when I run out of Swan Plants?

Buy more or simply before you start raising monarchs, make sure you have sufficient amount of plants ready.

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Butterfly Goddess

I wanted a special Monarch Butterfly dress for a long time and I knew Jo Kidd was amazing and I just had to wait for the right time for the dress to be designed and created and Jo didn’t disappoint.  August I finally got my new amazing Butterfly dress from Jo Kidd Couture, an amazing talented designer. I cannot wait to do talks in my dress from now on.

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Kahikatea Common | Take Flight Butterfly House

Kia ora koe!   Synchronicities happen all the time in our life! I wanted a blank wall in the central city where I could get my artist to paint a Monarch mural.  I had the funds ready which were raised within the community, but didn’t know where to start looking! I wanted a mural in the city so all children could have wings and stand in front of the mural and have their photo taken so they could spread their wings, rather than murals on private grounds within schools.

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Monarchs in Decline & Sustainability

I grates me to print such a title, but sadly its true.   Monarch’s butterflies are here to teach us many things and they need our help in boosting their numbers.  Imagine living in a world where there are no butterflies?  Today we are living in a world where there are so many endangered animals and species, because we have taken away their habitats, killed for food or hunted for money which has led to some animals becoming extinct. Read More


This September 2018 I plan to share HEAPS of packets of Swan Plants & Acelplcia seeds from Yates NZ. That’s 1000’s of extra Swan Plants around the Christchurch area for the Monarch butterflies to lay their eggs on and feed off.  This will give a massive boost for the Monarch butterfly population in our environment this coming summer.  

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A day in a life of flutterby

I choose this design to give children hope. I hope every child that sees this monarch butterfly believes he or she has the wings to fly, to become anything that they wish to become when they are adults, and know it’s possible that their dreams can come true.  Read More

2018 Year of the Butterfly

I wrote this last January but I haven’t been ready to publish for some funny reason. But I now feel people will relate to this and may help them personally. I hope you enjoy reading it! Read More

The beautiful battered veteran

This beautiful old butterfly arrived in my garden early March 2018. She spent at least 45 minutes in my garden before she eventually flew away.

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