Welcome to the Butterfly Musketeers, our vision is to raise awareness of the beautiful Monarch Butterfly, so they are around for many more generations. To share with people how much that can be learnt from the transformation from caterpillar to Monarch by studying and caring for them and witnessing pure wonderment and magic. Whilst visiting children in schools all across New Zealand at schools, we teach about the magic of the life cycle and how they can implement the magic within their own life and transform into a butterfly as an adult. Its our wish that everyone becomes conscious of their environment around them and to connect with nature whilst enjoying the great outdoors caring for a large ecosystem that shares this Earth with us. The world we live in is needing our care, we have to now think about how we can care for our rivers, oceans, animals, insects and sea-life that are all suffering from the pollution and damage that has been caused from decades of abuse and greed.

We visit schools all around New Zealand sharing our knowledge with our interactive talks, resources, passion, and answering children’s and teachers questions on the Monarchs and how to create a beautiful butterfly and bee garden. Maria Romero is also the Author of “An Educational Guide on Monarch Butterflies” which is an excellent book for anyone who wants to raise healthy monarch butterflies.