The Butterfly Musketeers was founded in 2013 by Maria Romero, who is the author of “An Educational Guide on Monarch Butterflies”.

The Butterfly Musketeers’ mission is to raise awareness of these beautiful creatures and to share with people how much can be learned from the transformation from caterpillar to Monarch whilst observing and caring for them. Also getting children to become conscious of their environment around them. We visit schools and share knowledge, resources, and ignites people’s passion to get connected to nature for the well-being and to find joy within nature.

The Butterfly Musketeers travels around New Zealand teaching in schools, over the last 5 summer terms has spoken to over 14,000 children & adults. The Butterfly Musketeers are now available for school talks within Canterbury, Garden Talks, and Transformation Inspirational Talks. Plus International School talks via zoom LIVE.

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The Butterfly Musketeers love educating and inspiring children and adults in the community to care for these endangered species. We want you to enjoy nature and be outside and able to relax by watching the amazing phenomena of the Metamorphosis cycle from the egg to the adult butterfly. Children will hopefully become intrigued and will have respect for them, it’s a knock-on effect or in my case, I would say the butterfly effect! 

Monarchs are great indicators of environmental change, as they are sensitive and have a recognizable appearance.  Many butterfly species in large numbers indicate a healthy environment, a lack of butterflies may indicate a change for the worse. Butterflies and insects are the first to disappear in agricultural areas where there is high pesticide sprays are used.