Have you ever wondered why so many adults have a deep affection for the Monarch butterfly and how they connect to us on a deeper level within our own lives?

I speak & teach at schools & events, I just love being given the opportunity to talk on a range of topics regarding transformation and the magical life cycle of a butterfly, the importance of pollinators, and how we can all help nature individually and grow as individuals.

I had my own metamorphosis in life and know first hand & experienced struggles, I have had to shed layers and release old beliefs, and transformed into my new powerful self spreading light and knowledge to everyone that I speak to at schools with my interactive monarch butterfly talks, speaking at festivals and wellness events and butterfly workshops.

The challenges the caterpillar has to go through to become a beautiful butterfly. Having to surrender to the moment and have that faith that something better is coming to him/her. The caterpillar is unhappy within his own skin, so he continually sheds his old skins making room for new skin and growth to occur… sound familiar? It’s all a reflection – this magical life cycle shows us how we can all go through an amazing transformation too. By watching with curiosity my life started to sync in many places and I too went through a personal transformation….as I was the Mother Hen of the house, pleasing my friends and having so many things to do each day… I don’t think I had a chance to sit back and see who the real me was. It was a blessing that all the things I did evolved being in nature, dog walking, parks, playgrounds, beaches. This life was perfect for that time with two toddlers and my need to be around people as I’ve always been a busy social butterfly. Now I’m true to my purpose doing what I love, leading a simple life with my now 3 children within nature. I am so grateful for the simple things of life and choosing not to be busy and living a much more calm, slower & joyous life.

Monarch butterflies are our spirit messenger from the other side, here to show us how to change, take this lightly, live life at the moment, and perhaps showing you that it’s time to look at life from a new perspective.

Monarchs are purposeful for an empowered and inspiring life. Having done all the hard work in a previous life as a caterpillar. Spiritual transformation, like the physical metamorphosis of the butterfly, is a very difficult and often painful process. However, transformation requires growth and change, and so for our growth, we must embrace what is actually holding back from becoming our highest version of ourselves.

People too can grow like a seed, by nurturing the seed within them. By loving that seed that burning inside and waiting to grow.  Learning to leave all those self-beliefs and self-doubts that hold the seed down, that are no longer true deep in the soil below. Which in fact stops us from feeling joy and personal growth take place.

In many cultures around the world, butterflies symbolize regeneration, transformation, hope, and beauty. Whilst watching the life cycle of a monarch butterfly helps us transform too and teaches us about things on so many levels and creates wonderment and fascination, simple pleasures that nature offers us. 

Do what you love, everyone can find the opportunity to change and transform, find your joy, and this joy ripples throughout your family and friends, just by being your authentic real self. It can take a few years of letting go of things, to become the person you want to be. It’s totally worth all the hard work, shedding everything that no longer serves you and finding that seed/love inside that’s waiting to burst out. Furthermore, it’s your purpose on this earth, you owe it to yourself to grow, shine. Stand tall in all your beauty and knowledge so that you can share for others to grow with you.

If Anyone asked me even a couple of years ago I would be a Butterfly Goddess I would have not believed them, my seed had got stuck slightly.

Let me know if you want me to speak at your event, personal development workshops, training days.

Find your seed and do what you love!! Maria Monarch X

2 thoughts on “Transformational Talks

  1. Hi Maria……..oh wow! This is fascinating, and I love the concept of what this is all about. I’ve just purchased your book and look forward to delving more into what the Monarch Butterfly is about.

    1. So lovely to hear from you. Your learn loads – unfortunately growing up in London we didnt have the pleasure of witnessing the monarch caterpillar turning into a monarch butterflies. But Im sure they are many other beautiful butterflies around. The analogy of watching the transformation and metamorphosis process is something everyone can learn from on a personal level. Maria x. Thanks for purchasing my book.

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