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Christchurch Civic Award recipient for services to environmental education

Tena koutou, I am honoured & humbled to be a recipient of the beautiful Civic Award for services to Environment & Education, for the work that I do on behalf of the Monarch Butterflies here in New Zealand. The Christchurch Civic Award is a… Continue Reading “Christchurch Civic Award recipient for services to environmental education”

Transformational Talks

Have you ever wondered why so many adults have a deep affection for the Monarch butterfly and how they connect to us on a deeper level within our own lives? I speak & teach at schools & events, I just love being given the… Continue Reading “Transformational Talks”

Kahikatea Common | Take Flight Butterfly House

Kia ora koe!   Synchronicities happen all the time in our life! I wanted a blank wall in the central city where I could get my artist to paint a Monarch mural.  I had the funds ready which were raised within the community, but didn’t know… Continue Reading “Kahikatea Common | Take Flight Butterfly House”


This September 2018 I plan to share HEAPS of packets of Swan Plants & Acelplcia seeds from Yates NZ. That’s 1000s of extra Swan Plants around the Christchurch area for the Monarch butterflies to lay their eggs on and feed off.  This will give… Continue Reading “PROJECT SWAN PLANT 2018”

A day in a life of flutterby

I choose this design to give children hope. I hope every child that sees this monarch butterfly believes he or she has the wings to fly, to become anything that they wish to become when they are adults and know it’s possible that their… Continue Reading “A day in a life of flutterby”

Kiwi Gardener Article

It was a great honour to feature in the Kiwi Gardener Magazine in Oct 2017, a 6-page spread too!!  Detailing all my voluntary work in schools planting 4000 swan plants together with the children around the Christchurch schools in Aug/Sept 2017.