The Butterfly Musketeers are ecstatic to announce that Guardians of Rāwhiti Domain, New Brighton has received the green light this week under a $580,000 grant from the government’s Shovel Ready Projects. The money will be for a nature playground and butterfly park. The Butterfly Musketeers has been a spokesperson on behalf of the Monarchs for the last 3 years with the Guardians of Rāwhiti Domain chairperson Cathy Baker (an amazing visionary lady) who has been working since 2015 to create an inspiring project for a 1.7-hectare section of Rāwhiti Domain on the east side of Christchurch. Designated in the Rāwhiti Domain Management Plan of 2007 as a natural play area for children, the area incorporates a 100-year-old monarch butterfly habitat. Plans include a native bird habitat nourished by nectar gardens. Massive thanks to Cathy Baker and her wonderful team who pushed for this amazing project. It’s going to be an epic place for children, adults, and our local wildlife. BIG thanks to the incredible support from Eastern Community Sport and Recreation Inc & Poto Williams (Labour MP for Christchurch East).

My daughter Lola & Jacinda Arden

A couple of weeks later our great Prime Minister Jacinda Arden came down to Rawhiti Domain to visit the all-weather outdoor sports facility which is right next door to where the Butterfly Park will be.

The Butterfly Musketeers were invited to listen to our brilliant, compassionate Prime Minister Jacinda. The ECSR had received the money to start one of the many shovel-ready projects in the area. Jacinda was so happy to talk about the monarch butterfly park & nature playground. That she told us she can’t wait to visit when it’s open. As the other local MP’s were speaking I could just see her smiling at the kids with monarch wings….we did stand out at the front wearing bright orange. Jacinda was stoked to get a signed copy of my book for her daughter, Neve, so they can learn about the monarchs together. That’s when Jacinda finally has time to rest. In the meantime, we will be having heaps of fun growing native trees for the birds and hundreds of swan plants from seed for the area.

My daughter Lola and Gabriella
Image Supplied and Design by Geraint Howells BAHons DipLA
 Creative Intentions Ltd

Watch this space for more news, on how you can get involved with community planting days and activities.

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