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How Raising Monarch Butterflies promotes healthy Well-being

How many of you would love to go on a retreat each year that promotes well-being, inner peace and gain new knowledge? Well, how about creating a beautiful garden with bright colourful flowers, and of course, you have plenty of Swan Plants for the… Continue Reading “How Raising Monarch Butterflies promotes healthy Well-being”

Elephants and Monarchs

Today 12th August is world Elephant day, dedicated to the preservation and protection of the world’s elephants. What better way to dress the Elephant up with some Monarch wings and celebrate such an awesome creature thats seems to have graced this Earth for many… Continue Reading “Elephants and Monarchs”

Monarchs are the doorway to nature

There is much debate as to why I support a non native butterfly. Instead of focusing on native butterflies rather than a butterfly that arrived in New Zealand by its own free will. From my experience and witnessing other people raising Monarchs, I believe Monarchs… Continue Reading “Monarchs are the doorway to nature”

Giant Swan Plant Sale

I love Kahikatea Common our first event was Butterflies and Pizza, and this one was Swan Plants and Roller Skates, here anything goes. I got reminded that my community event “giant swan plant sale/roller disco ” which would be run by kids to raise… Continue Reading “Giant Swan Plant Sale”

Swan Plants & Toxicity

Asclepias Swan Plant Botanical Name: Asclepias physocarpa/Gomphocarpus physocarpa The Swan Plant is loved by many Kiwis, as it’s the host plant of the Monarch Caterpillar, which lives on the plant for approximately 2 weeks eating as many leaves as possible, before transforming into a… Continue Reading “Swan Plants & Toxicity”

F.A.Q & Helpful Tips

What happens when I run out of Swan Plants? Buy more or simply before you start raising monarchs, make sure you have sufficient amount of plants ready.

Butterfly Goddess

I wanted a special Monarch Butterfly dress for a long time and I knew Jo Kidd was amazing and I just had to wait for the right time for the dress to be designed and created and Jo didn’t disappoint.  August I finally got… Continue Reading “Butterfly Goddess”

Tauranga Bay – Monarch butterfly paradise in Northland.

  Here in Tauranga Bay just 40 minutes north from Kerikeri in the Far North, I discovered one of the best spots in New Zealand for camping. Beautiful, clean, golden sandy beaches with amazing views of all the islands in the bay. Within minutes… Continue Reading “Tauranga Bay – Monarch butterfly paradise in Northland.”

Are we no longer the Garden City?

  For decades Christchurch has been known internationally as ‘The Garden City’ but it appears that this is now being seriously questioned.   How can each one of us make a difference?