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Finding joy within nature during Lockdown

Kia Ora, friends and whānau! Have you noticed the sound of the bird song becoming louder during a lockdown?  Has it been always that loud, or perhaps you haven’t had the time to listen and be fully aware of what’s happening around you, whilst leading… Continue Reading “Finding joy within nature during Lockdown”


I don’t know everything about Monarch butterflies far from it, nor do I pretend I do, although each day I continue to learn through my teachings, experience, & from people that share their stories first hand with me. We are here to grow and… Continue Reading “MAGIC HAPPENS”

Year of the Butterfly

I wrote this in January 2017, but I haven’t been ready to publish it for some funny reason. But I now feel people will relate to this and may help them personally. I hope you enjoy reading it!

The beautiful battered veteran

This beautiful old butterfly arrived in my garden in early March 2018. She spent at least 45 minutes in my garden before she eventually flew away.