Below are the many links to all the magazines, TV, and radio that The Butterfly Musketeers have featured in over the last few years. It’s always so nice to read, my heart is full looking back at them all knowing the awareness of the Monarch Butterfly is spreading and inspiring so many people to help raise monarch butterflies at schools and at home, which gives them so much joy giving back to nature and being surrounded by beautiful monarch butterflies and caterpillars.

7th February 2022 Seven Sharp TV1

Seven Sharp did an amazing job editing my story and I am so grateful for this wonderful opportunity on prime time TV. Spreading the awareness of the beautiful Monarch Butterfly and being a voice on their behalf.

The Press 20th January 2022

The Press 13th September was a nice way to end the weekend with a surprise article about The Butterfly Musketeers popping up in the news. Any news about sharing the decline of Monarchs & how we can help boost the Monarch population is massive!

Featuring in Mountain Scene October 2021

Totally proud of my children Lola 8 & Lucas 10 who appeared on New Zealand’s top-rating children’s TV Show called Fanimals on TV2. Looks like I can retire and let them share the awareness and importance of the monarch butterflies from now on. 

Go to watch the episode all about Monarch butterflies below to watch on demand. Love to hear what you thought about the show!


Avenues Magazine 26th April 2019

Great read from Otago Daily Times 25th Oct 2019.

Proud of Gordon & everyone in Oamaru supporting the wonderful Monarch butterfly population!

Link to The project on TV 3 25th October 2019.

As seen in Woman’s Day October 2018.

Listen to my PodCast with the amazing Phyllis Brown about how my passion started with my children in 2011 and how it’s involved with me writing an Educational book and about how I now teach at schools around NZ the awareness of the monarch butterflies. Plus how I helped grow 1000’s swan plants with the children so caterpillars don’t go hungry each Spring. I would love you to listen to On Spotify, iTunes, or YouTube – search Good Vibrations with Maria Romero or click on the link above. Recorded September 2018

It was a great honour to feature in the Kiwi Gardener Magazine Oct 2017, a 6 page spread too!!  Detailing all my voluntary work in schools planting 4000 swan plants together with the children around the Christchurch schools in Aug/Sept 2017. Read more details below from the article.  

Featuring in Family Times Magazine September 2018

Creating a butterfly garden

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