I wrote this in January 2017, but I haven’t been ready to publish it for some funny reason. But I now feel people will relate to this and may help them personally. I hope you enjoy reading it!

I’ve heard that 2018 is the year of the butterfly. Personally, I feel human beings can live as a butterfly for many years. We can take the life cycle of a Monarch butterfly and mirror it into our own lives. The cycle of the caterpillar, chrysalis, and butterfly can repeat itself several times during our lifetime on earth. 

Before you enter the butterfly stage, you have to have gone through a transformation, which is different to change. Change can be in a short period of time, you can have a change of thoughts/jobs/status, etc, but this is not a transformation. Transformation can take longer. We go through a transformation by digging deep, searching to find answers, finding ourselves, learning along the way, and coming out the other side when at times lessons may have been hard. We then use our new perspectives, ideas, beliefs and live every day with the new changes. Not only that, but we come from a place of love, showing compassion to everyone and everything on this planet. By doing this, we lift ours and the planet’s vibration and life will flow just nicely.

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The growth within ourselves is needed as we expand, but before this occurs we once again revert into a caterpillar and experience struggles in our lives for maybe days, months, or even years. By overcoming our struggles we let go of what no longer serves us or does not bring us happiness, just as the caterpillar sheds its skin 5 times during its 2 weeks of life. We humans need to let go too, as we cannot go forward holding onto “dead skin” or “luggage” from the past as there is no room for goodness, joy, and miracles to manifest within our lives. Once you face your fears and let go, instantly you will be rewarded. There is so much room within ourselves for growth and expansion. 

Humans can also learn from the caterpillar, as they struggle to look for food, (we become lost and lose direction in life). Caterpillars have known predators like wasps (we have work bullies and experience bad relationships). Caterpillars live a mundane life doing the same thing each day (we may have an unhappy job, or wish to travel or make the next move, but we’re scared of change). Until one day we know we have to make a choice and change, or we listen to someone that says just one sentence that triggers us to start the change. 

Just like the caterpillar knows it’s time to stop eating and forms a “J’ position and awaits transformation in its chrysalis state for a couple of weeks. When that happens, it knows intuitively to look within and go through the darkness inside the chrysalis until it transforms completely. This is where the magic begins. The caterpillar shows us to be patient, without worrying, and just by being and letting nature do its thing and surrendering to the change.

For us humans, one idea or experience can be life-changing. When we become still and search from within for answers and our true purpose, we owe it to ourselves to find that butterfly inside our soul that wants to break free inside us. Look for those signs in everyday places and listen to your thoughts. The information pours through when we are un-busy, watch the synchronicities unfold – it’s magical to experience, just like the butterfly emerging out of its chrysalis.

The caterpillar doesn’t know one day it will be a beautiful butterfly. Instead, living life in the present moment just like we should be, soaking up all the little precious things in life, being grateful for freshwater, air, friends, family, and animals that share our planet. We constantly continue to grow and expand our awareness and knowledge. 

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Butterflies may generally live for 6-8 weeks in the summer and up to 9 months during winter, during which they form clusters to the exact same tree their ancestors did the year before. This is called diapause and is a physiological state found commonly in insects. Butterflies are led intuitively to nectar flowers for food without harming any other creatures on earth, gliding around soaking in the sun, air, and nature around them. So do we really need to harm other humans or judge others? Why can’t all humans glide around and show kindness to others and nature and tune into the natural rhythm of Mother Earth?

A creature so little but one of the furthest migrating species on this planet which can fly over 3,000 miles to overwinter to mountains in Mexico from the USA to the same place their ancestors visited the previous year and are new to them. This has been called one of the most spectacular natural phenomena in the world. Butterflies hold all the wisdom in their DNA just like humans, we are connected to the same source/universal energy and can access this wisdom too. Just think, a butterfly knows all this, now imagine what we can do! We are limitless! 

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Studying and watching the miraculous metamorphosis of the butterfly life cycle can teach us about how we can incorporate it into our own lives. We can all fly high and know anything is possible if we just set our intentions and feed our desire – we are all so incredibly powerful. Happy 2018 and may you fly freely, happy, and peacefully as a butterfly – Maria Monarch x 

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