I wanted a special Monarch Butterfly dress for a long time and I knew Jo Kidd was amazing, and I just had to wait for the right time for the dress to be designed and created and Jo didn’t disappoint.  August I finally got my new amazing Butterfly dress from Jo Kidd Couture, an amazingly talented designer. I cannot wait to do talks in my dress from now on.

Untitled design (34).png

Jo’s energy, passion, and creation are second to none, I absolutely love my new dress. This just wasn’t a simple please just make me a new Monarch dress, so I can start to wear it at evening talks.   Jo was thinking more, and she’s thinking bigger and wanted to showcase it and get an amazing team together and have some fun and all show our creative side that’s in all of us. Jo invited Angela Rose Hair and Beauty to do my make-up and hair and wow she transformed me for the day I’m so grateful.

Thanks to an amazing team that made it so easy for me to be a Butterfly Goddess for the day, and be totally creative in our zone. As this is something I’ve never done before, a fun photoshoot and I didn’t know what to expect, I totally trusted my team. Konrad made me feel at ease and helped me to let go and enjoy, he has a unique gift when it comes to shooting his camera, he sets new benchmarks and a different style comes out of his images as you have never seen before in photos. We had such a laugh wandering around the botanical gardens in Christchurch, a place I visit often with my dogs and children.

I truly believe now I am a Butterfly Goddess, all my hard work researching, planting seeds, and sharing the awareness of the Monarch butterfly I think I deserve to now wear as stunning as this.  The Monarch butterfly is in decline around the world and I have brought this forward to peoples attention in the last few years, and this has paid off with many people who I meet or message me that they are planting swan plants/milkweed from seed, so they plan ahead for the coming summer months.  This ensures their caterpillars don’t go hungry, and they raise many healthy Monarch butterflies.

Want to meet me in person and arrange for me to come to your garden club or Rotary club and talk, for more information  Guest Speaker – Book Me

If you would like a similar dress, weddings, formal, races Jo can whip you up something special.  https://jokidd.co.nz/| Designed and Created in New Zealand |

Check out more of Konrads amazing work and photography below your be blown away.


Untitled design (33)

Hair and Makeup by https://angelahrose.com/ wow she really scrubbed me up well as if you know me personally I’m the sort of person that lives in yoga pants and hoodie and ties her hair up with little make up each day, so this was a complete treat!


People too can grow like a seed, by nurturing the seed within them. By loving that seed that burning inside and waiting to grow. 🌱💥 Learning to leave all those self-beliefs and self-doubts that hold the seed down, that are no longer true deep in the soil below. Which in fact stops us from feeling joy and personal growth take place.

Let your seed breakthrough and reach for the sun up through the soil so it can grow and start to shine. The real you that always been there but you never knew, perhaps you always wanted to dance, write, sing or travel, whatever it is find your seed/passion that’s deep inside that’s ready to change in that chrysalis of yours. You can too transform into a beautiful butterfly that was always hiding in your chrysalis. That seed that’s always been the real you but was uncertain to shine because someone may judge you or knock you down, or perhaps you didn’t know you were worthy enough to shine and grow to your full potential. ☀️

Isn’t it better to die knowing you did your best and tried, rather than dying with your seed deep inside you, that wanted to break free? Find that magic inside and ignite that seed. If a caterpillar can transform into such a beautiful butterfly and has a second chance in this world and be reborn why not you? 🌏🤔

In many cultures around the world, butterflies symbolise regeneration, transformation, hope, and beauty. Whilst watching the life cycle of a monarch butterfly helps us transform too and teaches us about things on so many levels and creates wonderment and fascination, simple pleasures that nature offers us. 🦋

Do what you love 🧡everyone can find the opportunity to change and transform, find your joy, and this joy ripples throughout your family and friends, just by being your authentic real self. It can take a few years of letting go of things, to become the person you want to be. It’s totally worth all the hard work, shedding everything that no longer serves you and finding that seed/love inside that’s waiting to burst out. It’s your purpose on this earth, you owe it to yourself to grow, shine. Stand tall in all your beauty and knowledge so that you can share for others to grow with you.

If Anyone asked me even a couple of years ago I would be a Butterfly Goddess I would have not believed them, my seed had got stuck slightly.

Find your seed and do what you love!! Maria Monarch X

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