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I choose this design to give children hope. I hope every child that sees this monarch butterfly believes he or she has the wings to fly, to become anything that they wish to become when they are adults, and know it’s possible that their dreams can come true. 

When studying the life cycle of a caterpillar at an early age I believe this encourages children (as well as adults) that they can change into something beautiful too, knowing magic happens all around them.  Monarch Butterflies are such colourful insects and this magnificent mural will add colour and beauty to everyone that see’s or stands in the middle of it!


Ive had been longing for this day, an idea that was seeded last summer, I just had to find the perfect artist.   A gift from me to a really dedicated school who have done so much by boosting the Monarch population and learning so much about the life cycle, other insects and their environments. Thanks so much to all the amazing teachers at Papanui Primary school that incorporates so much about nature into the curriculum.  The passionate teachers have taught the children so much and it fills my heart, they also involved involved the children in building their school butterfly garden.

Much gratitude for Richard Baker (Mr Pops), for his awesome talent and time painting the mural, the children loved him, asking him heaps of questions along the way.  Im sure this is a first of many monarch butterfly murals in our city and schools!  It was also so inspiring watching the mural take place and listening to the amazing words of excitement from the kids that were coming in & out of the classrooms and watching the mural develop during their lunch breaks.



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