It was a great honour to feature in the Kiwi Gardener Magazine in Oct 2017, a 6-page spread too!!  Detailing all my voluntary work in schools planting 4000 swan plants together with the children around the Christchurch schools in Aug/Sept 2017.

I was overwhelmed by how a little seed/idea in my head exploded into such a fantastic project within such a short space of time.  Visiting over 100 pre-schools, Kidnys, Play centres and schools. I loved meeting so many lovely teachers and children.  I’m now seeing these swan plants at school when I’ve gone back to teach, that are bigger than garden centres. Already schools are saying they are going to plant even more next year as this was so easy thing to do and saves so much money when you plan ahead.  Kiwi Gardener is a great magazine with heaps of gardening advice, some of my mates that bought a copy to read about my project all ended signing up for the subscription for the magazine.  If you missed getting your copy, here’s a chance to read up and see the children in action planting the swan plant seedlings for schools in their local neighbourhood ready for me to deliver.

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