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Butterfly Goddess

I wanted a special Monarch Butterfly dress for a long time and I knew Jo Kidd was amazing, and I just had to wait for the right time for the dress to be designed and created and Jo didn’t disappoint.  August I finally got… Continue Reading “Butterfly Goddess”

Monarchs in Decline & Sustainability

I grate me to print such a title, but sadly it’s true.   Monarch butterflies are here to teach us many things, and they need our help in boosting their numbers.  Imagine living in a world where there are no butterflies?  Today we are living in… Continue Reading “Monarchs in Decline & Sustainability”

Caring for your Swan Plants (Milkweed)

Caring for your swan plants over winter months Swan plants (Gomphocarpus fruticosus) originate from the Asclepiadiae family, which is a species of Milkweed.  Most Swan plants survive the winter if they have been cared for and nourished with water and re-potted either in a larger… Continue Reading “Caring for your Swan Plants (Milkweed)”

Chrysalides: The Good and the Bad

I often get many questions and people email me photos of their chrysalides that they are not sure about. I thought I would share my knowledge and experience with chrysalides with everyone.  These chrysalides below are all healthy, you will notice the wings of the… Continue Reading “Chrysalides: The Good and the Bad”

Healthy Caterpillars and Swan Plants

I had my first successful chrysalis of the season this week!! I’m so far behind this year. Furthermore, I had heaps of caterpillars, but I lost many within 24hrs due to my next-door neighbour who booked in the spider proofing man round to her… Continue Reading “Healthy Caterpillars and Swan Plants”

Tauranga Bay – Monarch butterfly paradise in Northland.

Here in Tauranga Bay just 40 minutes north from Kerikeri in the Far North, I discovered one of the best spots in New Zealand for camping. Beautiful, clean, golden sandy beaches with amazing views of all the islands in the bay. Within minutes, I… Continue Reading “Tauranga Bay – Monarch butterfly paradise in Northland.”

Are we no longer the Garden City?

For decades Christchurch has been known internationally as ‘The Garden City’ but it appears that this is now being seriously questioned.   How can each one of us make a difference?

Overwintering Parks in NZ

The overwintering stage in New Zealand starts in April or May. This is when swarms of Monarch butterflies form regularly to overwinter at places around the country.