I love Kahikatea Common our first event was Butterflies and Pizza, and this one was Swan Plants and Roller Skates, where anything goes. I got reminded that my community event “giant swan plant sale/roller disco which would be run by kids to raise money for their various causes randomly came to me in the shower a few weeks ago!!

I’m grateful, I pulled it off & everyone had a great time, who were part of it or came along.

I’m passionate about children selling swan plants as part of school fundraisers or personal projects such as scout camps or sporting fees. This is so much more economical than selling chocolate or something plastic, it helps spread awareness of the monarch butterfly, gets children out in nature planting and nurturing the seedlings, and teaches them patience as swan plants do take a while until they fully grow ready for the caterpillars.

We sold over 450 swan plants for our precious caterpillars in 3 hours  Scout boys sold over 100 sausages.

Thanks to all my mates that came to support me!! Especially Laura that did so many face paintings & helped me plant most nights getting the place ready and all the paperwork behind the scenes, much gratitude to you.

World Cuisine@ who served delicious food, thanks for all your hard work preparing for the event! Lastly Phatsk8 Roller Discos the perfect combo some kids stayed on their skates for hours, all ages had a go was fun to watch – a great venue to roll around. Defiantly see you more around town!!

Rotary Club of Christchurch Sunrise the butterfly house looks amazing! You should be proud! 🙏🏼 An amazing community event for Christchurch city.

It’s fantastic seeing the South Frame come to life with community events like the Giant Swan Plant, special thanks to all the families selling plants they’ve been growing all summer, passionate people of all ages sharing their knowledge and tips like how to get the most leaves on their plants. We will be back next year, with more children selling plants – so please start preparing and sowing your seeds this September 2019 onwards.

Just outside the arcade, hundreds flowed through Christchurch’s very own butterfly house, to the sweet strains of ‘Nightingale’ (aka Abi) with her beautiful original songs, What amazing talent!! 👌🏼🎤

This amazing event space is an arcade refashioned from its former life as the distinctive sawtooth-shaped roof of the ‘Southern Hospitality’ building on Montreal Street. The arcade connects us by foot, bike, scooter (or indeed roller skates!) through to Lava Lane and Kahikatea Common. Looking forward to seeing who takes up a tenancy along here. Very interesting industrial setting and so close to the river and Mollett Street!

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