After 6 months of taking a winter break from school talks my first 24hrs back at work, I spoke to over 400 children and adults within 7 sessions! What a buzz meeting so many cool people that are collectively boosting the monarch population as a community. Last night’s talk was everything I could have wished for, sharing information on Monarch butterflies, swan plants, and how we can create beautiful butterfly gardens and care for our hungry caterpillars.

Oamaru was an amazing town to visit, the people were so welcoming and passionate about the Monarch Butterfly. There were so many people who raise hundreds each year and boosted the population back to a substantial amount when some people I spoke to, said: “Years ago it was rare to see one”. Now that Gordon and his crew are growing thousands of swan plants for the local people and schools. It seems like everyone wants to jump on board and help. This is amazing to hear, as when I drove around I see people’s gardens are full of flowers. The people of Oamaru should be very proud of themselves for coming together as a community as helping each other growing plants and sharing tips, and re-housing caterpillars.

Thanks for making me feel so special – was the poshest venue ever. Thanks to everyone especially Gordon from the Oamaru Rotary Club for making my trip so easy that I just had to turn up and speak and make people laugh. Gordon is another post and will write about this special guy, he needs his own limelight as such a great guy!! Thanks to the Rotary club and Yates NZ for the generous amount of seed packets that were shared out to schools and last night’s special talk on Butterflies!

The Butterfly Musketeers, visited Fenwick Primary School in Oamaru the next day and spoke about the magical life cycle of a Monarch butterfly and we had heaps of fun. They received heaps of Swan plants for their school garden so the the learning experience could continue.

Returning to Christchurch I thought, what an impact raising monarchs is having on everyone in New Zealand, and I’m so privileged I’m part of it!! The last talk of the day I was nervy as I had my friends there in the audience and some watching me who were watching for the second time. Plus cameras & reporters for TV 3 The Project 7 pm Friday….yikes nothing like starting off the season with a bang!!!

Below is a great read from Otago Daily Times published 25th October 2019.

Proud of Gordon & everyone in Oamaru supporting the wonderful Monarch butterfly population!

Want to know more about taking care of a vital pollinators and would like to purchase my book that has all you need to know about creating a beautiful butterfly garden and raising healthy monarch butterflies go purchase my excellent resource book.

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One thought on “Can Oamaru become Monarch Capital of New Zealand?

  1. Hello from Toronto, Canada! I raise monarch butterflies, too, and have wondered if the NZ monarch migrates in winter. (Those from my part of North America migrate via the eastern route to Mexico, and begin the return journey in spring). Are swan plants a type of milkweed? Lastly, are NZ monarch butterflies endangered?

    Thank you in advance, and keep up the great work!

    Kati Smith

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