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What pre-schoolers experience while learning about Monarch Caterpillars

Children feel great joy as well as gaining heaps of knowledge from learning about and observing the metamorphosis of the Monarch butterfly.

They learn to care and show empathy towards the animal kingdom. They are drawn to the monarchs as they are a harmless yet beautiful creature, and caterpillars are not too creepy for them, or too tingly if placed on their hand.

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An Educational Guide on Monarch Butterflies

This guide is an excellent resource for teachers working in pre-schools or primary schools, who want to learn more to teach their students or raise monarch caterpillars as a hobby in your own back garden; or perhaps you’re that person, like me, who treats their caterpillars as pets, and rushes out for emergency dashes to the garden centre if you’ve run out of swan plants.

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Christchurch School Visits

The Butterfly Musketeers first started going around schools in November 2016.

I didn’t realise until now what a fantastic job I’ve got. I never knew how much I’d love going into classrooms talking about the wonderful Monarch Butterflies, raise awareness and educate the children to care for them so that they’re still around for generations to come. Keep on reading>>

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How it all started with me and the Monarch butterflies

Hello everyone! And thank you so much for visiting our site.

I’m Maria Romero. This passion for Monarch butterflies started back in 2010, just before the devastating earthquake in Christchurch. I remember discovering my first swan plants at a Playcentre I went to with my children. There was a science table with eggs and caterpillars on the plant. Keep on reading>>