Less than 2 weeks after the horrific attacks here in Christchurch The Butterfly Musketeers visited the beautiful children at Linwood Ave School. Linwood Ave School is about a minute away from the Mosque where our beloved brothers were shot in a cowardly act whilst praying.

We wanted to give back to the commUNITY, so straight away emailed the school to see if we could come along and do a few butterfly talks. We just felt we had to do something after hearing about what the children went through. It pulled at my heartstrings and I wanted to visit them and bring them some joy.

We wanted to make this visit special as I had wrapped up my talks for the season. These talks were for a school that was hurting and trying to keep to its normal routines. I spoke about it to my children Lucas and Lola who wanted to come with me and help. I needed them too as we were talking to big groups. One became four as I also brought my incredible friend Angelah along, who is an amazing make-up artist. Good job I brought her along as we managed to do 70 face paints in 15 minutes between us at the end of the talks, it was a breeze. Which meant I couldn’t really talk to all the teachers instead about the butterflies and answer their questions. Lucas and Lola were absolute stars helping the children put on butterfly wings and masks, plus taking photos. I could so get used to having a team coming to the schools with me. 🦋🧡🙏🏼🥰✨
We brought caterpillars, plants along for the classrooms, and pink quartz crystals that over 140 children took home. We explained to the children how to use the crystal, and that they were for comfort and love to heal their hearts. These beautiful children were faced down for over 3 hours in the dark during the lockdown, whilst teachers didn’t really know the extent of the event. This is something no kid should ever have to experience.

My children were proud and loved helping and teaching them facts about the butterfly and caterpillars. They were invited back to the staff room, where they were spoilt with heaps of biscuits that had been sent from around the country from other schools (wow just showed how the whole country are behind them) and listened whilst cards of good wishes were read to everyone from children that sent the biscuits. Lola and Lucas drank a cup of tea and thought they were pretty special and important in a room of lovely teachers. We were done by lunchtime and I dropped Lola and Lucas back at school, minus their face paints.

I know there are thousands of people here in Ōtautahi that have volunteered countless hours and given up so much to help the Muslim community or donated generously. We must all continue as one and look out for each other, continue to fight racism and hate where ever we are in this world – it doesn’t belong anywhere. There is a long road ahead, and for many months victims will be in and out of hospital for follow-ups and more surgeries. Over 100 families and their extended families who are arriving need our ongoing assistance. Little acts of kindness show them that they are loved. Butterflies are a symbol of hope in many cultures around the world, we need to take a leaf out of what the butterflies teach us and live at the moment, create joy, and not harm anyone. Let the butterfly take flight and take away our grief and sorrow.

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