The Butterfly Musketeers welcomes your generosity, like so many other worthy organisations. Did you know that we receive no funding? Much of what we do depends on the generosity of people like you.

Your kind generosity will go directly to assisting important work that Maria does with her educational interactive Monarch Butterfly within New Zealand schools. Teaching the awareness of the vital pollinator such as the Monarch Butterfly has on our planet and the magical life cycle of the magnificent insect. 

100% of all funds go directly to visiting schools around New Zealand that are on the waiting list. Money will also go towards growing hundreds of swan plants that are gifted to schools.

Monarch Butterflies are seriously in decline around the world, and they need help to survive by teaching in schools the importance of pesticides and climate change on our insect population.

Money donated is used in support of The Butterfly Musketeers Mission and goals.  All contributors can take pride in knowing that their donations have been a vital part of the achievements of monarch butterflies, so they are around for many more years to come, and more people can connect to nature and feel inspired and educated raising Monarch Butterflies. 

Thank you so much for the bottom of my heart. I am truly grateful for everyone’s kind donations to a worthy cause, so I can continue to fly my wings further into more schools teaching what I love on behalf of the Monarch Butterflies. Your support means so much!! Donations of any size are gratefully accepted, and a tax-deductible receipt can be issued on request.

Please visit our blog and read more about The Butterfly Musketeers’ work. Share your mailing address with The Butterfly Musketeers, so they can acknowledge your amazing generosity via the PayPal site.