Interactive School Talks

The Butterfly Musketeers unique experience is tailored to each and every school and age range of your children. We visit schools in the Christchurch during Terms 1 or 4, for 45 – 60 minutes of interaction.  We create a fun learning experience that your children will be talking about for weeks after.

Theres heaps of opportunity for teachers and children to ask questions and for me to give advice and plan butterfly gardens.  Plus take heaps of photos of the children dressed up as monarch butterflies for their learning stories.

The Butterfly Musketeers will bring along our swan plants and answer questions regarding the amazing life cycle of the Monarch butterfly so children can see first hand caterpillars, chrysalises and eggs.

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I also bring along fun learning tools, swan plant seedlings, and other fun goodies that I leave as a gift from us to your school, and access to Butterfly Musketeers information and posters that can use later on.  If timing is right we bring in chrysalis and new born Monarchs butterflies.  100% of the time we will bring caterpillars on brand new plants unless I get told you have plenty of caterpillars already.

The Butterfly Musketeers teach the children fun facts and how to attract the Monarchs to their garden at home.

We would love to come and visit your school! Contact me today for availability, or to learn more about our Monarch Butterfly visits.

What is covered in my talks

  • In depth knowledge of the swan plant
  • Fun facts about the monarch butterfly
  • How to raise healthy monarch butterflies
  • Conservation for the Monarch Butterfly
  • Things to know when creating a butterfly habitat in your school
  • Caring for your caterpillars
  • Fun facts about egg, caterpillar and the chrysalis
  • Environmental impacts of loss of species
  • The importance of having new guardians that care for our Planet needs, to sustain it for future generations. By nurturing our wide range of biodiversity here in New Zealand.
  • The power of transformation on a personal level, empowering children that they can change and become a beautiful butterfly as an adult
  • A chance for me to answer all your questions
  • And much, much more

What’s included in my school visits

  • Swan plants with caterpillars
  • Packet of Swan Plant seeds & Thrive plant food, courtesy of Yates Seeds
  • Monarch Colouring in sheets
  • Life Cycle board of the Monarch Butterfly
  • Examples of artwork that can be made in the classroom
  • Posters and Activities for the children
  • Packs of Butterfly Musketeers stickers for the children
  • Monarch dress up wings and masks to wear and fly around as a butterfly
  • Worksheets
  • ME 🙂 Maria Romero

I’d love to come and talk at your school, pre-school. Book me now for Oct – Dec 2020 or January – February & March 2021 talks or contact me to find out availability!

I just want to say a huge thank you to Maria for all the work that she puts in to promoting the knowledge out there about Monarch butterflies. I feel so lucky to have met Maria and have


“Your presentation was very child centred. Your language and resources were child and user friendly and having real props was another bonus for the tamariki.

“It was great how you thought on your feet and changed what you were doing to meet the needs and level of the group. We would certainly recommend you to any Early childhood environment.”

Raelene Forde Head Teacher @ Mairehau Kids First


“What a great talk Maria gave this morning to a group of kindergarten children. Very interactive and spoke at an age appropriate level which had all the children engaged. Highly recommended, will definitely have you back again, Thank you.”

Isla Connolly, Teacher @ Ilam Kids First


“The children really enjoyed your visit and we have followed up with further learning; writing information reports, reading poems about butterflies and caterpillars,  painting and drawing symmetrical butterflies. Your visit was really well organised and the children loved all the monarch wings, masks & pictures that you brought, along with all the information you shared.  Thanks again for a very worthwhile and inspiring visit. “

S Caughey Ohoka Primary School Dec 2017 ************************************************************************************* “The most incredible hand-on experience for all ages! Maria is extremely knowledgeable (an expert in this field) and was able to fully captivate the attention span of our boisterous 5 year olds for over an hour! She is a most wonderful, affordable community- based resource and we thoroughly recommend her to all schools. Waimairi School Christchurch ************************************************************************************* Once again we were super lucky to have Maria the fabulous Butterfly lady come to kindergarten to visit us, she is a kahuka expert. She has such an amazing energy that she shares passionately with the tamariki, keeping them engaged with her fabulous resources and knowledge.  Thank you so much for sharing your time, expertise and swan plants with us once again. We look forward to sharing more Beautiful Butterfly stories with you….so magical.
Penny Kids First Mairehau

Maria has been an inspiration to us at or school, Papanui Primary. She came to visit us last year and brought everything we needed from the seeds to soil and pots to get our butterfly garden underway. We grew the seeds that she donated to us into larger plants in the classroom which saved us a lot of money. The children all took care of them and thoroughly enjoyed growing our own swan plants.

Her school visit was fabulous and had all the children engaged and interested in learning about Monarchs. She brought amazing resources and is so passionate about Monarchs.

It has been a wonderful process to go through and we will definitely do the same this year to boost the monarch population in Christchurch. It has been great to share this amazing experience with the children who have learnt so much about first growing the plants, planting our garden and about the Monarch life cycle. I encourage other schools to get involved in #projectswanplant

Jo Harris Papanui Primary Christchurch  Feb 2018

We are so lucky to have Maria in our community. We have gained so much benefit from her swan plant seedling initiative, saving us lots of money! She has also been in to talk to us about butterflies and the session she took was so professional, with loads of props, engaging and interactive!! For Early Learning Centers and Schools Maria provides a fantastic learning opportunity as well as the base to start your own butterfly learning experience.
Jane Nuttridge Kids First Papanui March 2018

I just wanted to say a big ‘Thank You’ for coming to our school last week. The girls and teachers all really enjoyed your presentation and your expertise about monarch butterflies. It was really great for their level and has ignited an interest about monarchs and what they can do, to get more in our gardens ( i.e more flowers etc). They planted the swan plants on Friday next to the flowers, so hopefully with the caterpillar that was on one, we will soon see some.  Thanks again

St Cuthberts School – Auckland

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