I am delighted to announce that The Butterfly Musketeers have been given a generous donation from Hugo Charitable Trust which enables The Butterfly Musketeers to continue visiting schools in Christchurch. They will share their butterfly programme and educate the next generation of passionate children who will in turn connect to nature and care for our ecosystem here on our planet.

It has been my dream from the beginning to teach at low decile schools for free, and inspire the tamariki and teachers about the wonderful life cycle of a monarch butterfly.

If you are a low decile school in Christchurch with a rating of 6 or under, and if you would love to learn more on how we can help save the Monarchs that are in decline in New Zealand, then your school will qualify for a visit from us. Your school will become inspired by our talk, and receive all the necessary ideas to help you create a beautiful butterfly habitat within your school grounds. Your tamariki can nurture, engage and see the wonderment of nature first hand with all the bees and beneficial insects that will arrive.

These school talks are sponsored by Hugo Charitable Trust and will start from Mid October to December 2022 (Term 4) – spaces are limited. Please contact us on monarchs@thebutterflymusketeers.com to secure a session time for us to teach at your school… spaces are filling up fast.

What is covered in my talks

  • In depth knowledge of the swan plant.
  • Fun facts about the monarch butterfly.
  • How to raise healthy monarch butterflies.
  • Conservation for the Monarch Butterfly.
  • Things to know when creating a butterfly habitat in your school.
  • Caring for your caterpillars.
  • How pollinators such as bees, birds & butterflies are vital to our ecosystems and produce our natural resources by helping plants reproduce.
  • Fun facts about the egg, caterpillar, and chrysalis.
  • Environmental impacts of the loss of species.
  • The importance of having new guardians that care for our Planet’s needs, to sustain it for future generations. By nurturing our wide range of biodiversity here in New Zealand.
  • The power of transformation on a personal level, empowering children that they can change and become a beautiful butterfly as an adult.
  • Mindfulness with Monarchs.
  • A chance for me to answer all your questions.
  • And much, much more

What’s included in my school visits

  • Plenty of swan plants with caterpillars for each classroom.
  • A packet of Swan Plant seeds courtesy of Yates Seeds.
  • Wasps Traps courtesy of Easy Trap.
  • Monarch Colouring in sheets.
  • Examples of artwork that can be made in the classroom.
  • Posters and Activities for the children.
  • Stickers for the children.
  • Monarch dress-up wings and masks to wear and fly around like a butterfly.
  • Worksheets.

Please allow 1 hour for each talk, which includes 45 minutes teaching, then time for questions and dress ups with photo opportunities. Each session can hold max 2 classes.

For more information on the Hugo Charitable Trust, and the projects and charities that they generously support, please visit their website: www.hugocharitabletrust.nz

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