The day of my private official book launch I received a large envelope full of thank you letters from the children of Waimairi school, here in Christchurch. It was so touching for me as this was a very special day and brought tears to my eyes when I read through them all.

I know that children truly want to help save the Monarch butterfly and learn how to care for them. They were like sponges, soaking up all the fun facts and knowledge that I shared with them. It makes my job worthwhile as I know we are making a difference to the kids’ lives, by getting them engaged with the animal kingdom and nature.

This is why The Butterfly Musketeers love what they do and share their knowledge and passion with so many beautiful thriving children who want to learn about the fascinating magical process that is the life cycle of the Monarch butterfly. We are here to raise awareness and educate children, teachers, and parents who love to care for the caterpillars, plants, and Monarchs.

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Thanks again to the wonderful children of years 3 and 4 who made such an effort in writing to me. I loved the way they wrote from their hearts and used different fonts when typing out all their letters and drawings of butterflies; every letter is so unique!

Thanks also to Harewood Playcentre for the Monarch necklace (which I love) as a “Thank You” gift to me for talking at their school; don’t worry about gifts, save your money for swan plants instead.

I also had the nicest welcome ever from Montessori in Queenstown! The children were waiting for me with butterfly drawings and cards that they made! It’s quite clever that young kids are wearing butterfly dresses and t-shirts on the days of my talks. It’s so sweet of them, and it never goes unnoticed.

There are a few more talks scheduled for the rest of the month and I can’t wait to meet more little butterfly musketeers. The future is in their loving hands.

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