The beautiful battered veteran

This beautiful old butterfly arrived in my garden early March 2018. She spent at least 45 minutes in my garden before she eventually flew away.

I watched her sucking deep down with her proboscis into the nectar in my zinnia flower.  She loved it and couldn’t get enough, she was not scared of me even though I was up close watching her, and admiring her battered body.  She must have had many stories to tell, and I wondered how far she had come from – so many questions I’d have liked her to answer.  I will never know I can only imagine. Continue reading “The beautiful battered veteran”

Caring for your Swan Plants (Milkweed)

Caring for your swan plants over winter months

Swan plants (Gomphocarpus fruticosus) originate from the Asclepiadiae family, which is a species of Milkweed.  Most Swan plants survive the winter if they have been cared for and nourished with water and re potted either to a larger pot or into the ground. Sometimes Swan plants struggle to grow back if completely chewed back by the hungry caterpillars. 

Continue reading “Caring for your Swan Plants (Milkweed)”

Chrysalides: The Good and the Bad

I often get many questions and people email me photos of their chrysalides that they are not sure about. I thought I would share my knowledge and experience with chrysalides with everyone.  These chrysalides below are all healthy, you will notice the wings of the monarch a couple of days before emergence begins. It just so happens I must take most of my photos after the rain has stopped, this is not the chrysalis sweating! Continue reading “Chrysalides: The Good and the Bad”

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