Caring for your Swan Plants (Milkweed)

Caring for your swan plants over winter months

Swan plants (Gomphocarpus fruticosus) originate from the Asclepiadiae family, which is a species of Milkweed.  Most Swan plants survive the winter if they have been cared for and nourished with water and re potted either to a larger pot or into the ground. Sometimes Swan plants struggle to grow back if completely chewed back by the hungry caterpillars. 

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Chrysalides: The Good and the Bad

I often get many questions and people email me photos of their chrysalides that they are not sure about. I thought I would share my knowledge and experience with chrysalides with everyone.  These chrysalides below are all healthy, you will notice the wings of the monarch a couple of days before emergence begins. It just so happens I must take most of my photos after the rain has stopped, this is not the chrysalis sweating! Continue reading “Chrysalides: The Good and the Bad”

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