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An Educational Guide on Monarch Butterflies

Have you purchased your copy of my 2nd edition yet? Only $20 NZD (or $15 USD for USA customers).

A complete guide that helps you with everything you need to know about raising caterpillars, monarchs and caring for your swan plants. How to create a butterfly garden, heaps of fun facts and amazing photos. Plus advice to plan ahead for the season so you wont run out of food. Whether your a teacher or raise monarchs in your garden as a hobby, you will love my book.

School Talk Reviews

“Thank you for the wonderful informative talk for our Play centre kids. Maria was so easy going and passionate about sharing as much as she could with us. We also really enjoy having our own Caterpillars to take care off and watch their transformation” Louise Tavinor Dec 2017

“Wow, does Maria know her stuff about The Monarch butterfly! I met her at the swan plant sale in Christchurch and I mentioned I wanted some plants in my classroom. She told me she did school visits so I booked her in to talk to our Year 3/4 team of 5 classes at Parkview Primary School. The kids enjoyed her talk and all the amazing props she brought with her. 
The children made her a card to say thank you and we’re very excited to return to class, as mine was last, with lots of swan plants to look after. We all need to do our bit to save these beautiful butterflies! All the teachers and students were thrilled to learn new things”! Mel Newton (Teacher)

“I just want to say a huge thank you to Maria for all the work that she puts in to promoting the knowledge out there about Monarch butterflies. I feel so lucky to have met Maria and have learnt so much from her. This is the third year I have had her come into my classroom and capture the attention of the students. It is honestly amazing to see how much the children take away from her talks. Each experience with her is exciting and interesting and the wings and masks provided for the children is an added bonus. Thank you Maria for what you do, and for the information you pass on. I know that you will continue to give to the schools and the community around you! I now always smile when I see a monarch fly around me!” Sam Jones – Teacher April 2018

“We are so lucky to have Maria in our community. We have gained so much benefit from her swan plant seedling initiative, saving us lots of money! She has also been in to talk to us about butterflies and the session she took was so professional, with loads of props, engaging and interactive!! For Early Learning Centers and Schools Maria provides a fantastic learning opportunity as well as the base to start your own butterfly learning experience”. Jo Harris Papanui Primary School Teacher. March 2018


Firstly, I must congratulate Maria on such an amazing achievement of writing her first book! It is beautiful and a credit to her. As a primary school teacher of many years, I have used the monarch butterfly to help children learn about life cycles, metamorphosis and how to care for living creatures. All children are fascinated with the beauty and miracle of butterflies and the joy on their faces as they watch the process is quite magical.

Maria’s book is a wonderful teaching resource and full of so much information that I was completely unaware of. It is written in a clear and easy to read way that will appeal to teachers, children and anyone who is a monarch lover. I particularly like the personal touches – the family photos and experiences that Maria has included in her book.  I have also had the pleasure of watching Maria take a lesson on monarchs with a class of five year olds. I was very impressed with the way she interacted with the children and with her ability to share her knowledge with them and look forward to having Maria visit us again.“Monarch Butterflies” reflect Maria’s love and passion for butterflies and she is to be applauded for her accomplishment. I look forward to her next book”.  Sharyn Smith – Primary school teacher

I’ve been teaching primary aged children for over 20 years and the Life Cycle of the Butterfly has always been a successful and enjoyable inquiry topic. Finally I’ve found a resource that is a one-stop place for all the information and answers a teacher needs to pass on accurate and interesting facts to children. In addition, “Monarch Butterflies” contains photos, drawings, activities and resources all in one place that can be quickly photocopied and shared with my class. Maria’s knowledge, love and enthusiasm for the Monarch is obvious as it comes out of every page of this amazing resource. This book is the ONLY resource you need – buy it – gift it – read it!Anita Andrew – Primary school teacher

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