ACM Printed Monarch Set (apmn)

Inc Free Postage within New Zealand. Monarch Butterfly Wall Art.  Made in New Zealand ❤ Printed directly onto 4mm thick ACM. ❤ Comes flat packed, perfect for sending overseas. ❤ 5 butterflies in total. ❤ Suitable for outdoor under cover and away for direct sunlight. ❤ Size: Butterfly 1 : 83mm x 100mm x 4mm Butterfly 2 : 142mm x 100mm x 4mm Butterfly 3 : 113mm x 117mm x 4mm Butterfly 4 : 185mm x 80mm x 4mm

Large Caterpillar Castle Length * Width * Height 40 * 40 * 60cm

Large Caterpillar (insect) Castle 100% Brand New And High Quality Material: Polyester mesh Length * Width * Height 40 * 40 * 60cm These castles are great for caterpillars forming "J's at the top of the mesh, and on some days your get to open the zip and release many butterflies that have eclosed. Protects your caterpillars from Praying Mantis and Paper wasps. These castles are a good idea to keep your plants safe once you have enough eggs on them.  Resting assured that your plants wont get smothered with more eggs than you can handle. Once the plants have been eaten simply replace inside the castle with new fresh plants.  Can be used indoor or outdoors.  Good idea is to line the bottom with newspaper or coconut material and change frequently to keep castle fresh and clean.