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It started with curiosity watching the life cycle of a Monarch butterfly with my young pre schoolers, the spark inside me ignited and my passion grew organically. I loved taking photos of nature, whilst fully in the moment. Then sharing my information along with the photos. This quickly grew into my amazing book and interactive school talks around New Zealand. The best part of my job is that I get to be creative and hands on. I love receiving downloads of creativity and inspiration then rolling with it.

I get to dress up as a Butterfly Goddess and choose when I work and where. Spreading magic and my knowledge along the way.  There’s no script in my talks, I just arrive and trust what comes out is what is needed to be heard.

In life we get to write our own book, each chapter changing, new chapters starting and ending. We get to re write or our story and change. To have transformed you have to change from the inside out, its a lengthly process, I worked hard through my past traumas, which had stopped me becoming who I am today. I continue to release the many layers that no longer serve me, that clipped my wings that held me from expanding further. I love investing in my personal growth to become the best possible version of myself, theres always room for more expansion and for more magick to happen.  It’s fun smashing through my self doubt that I no longer believe in.  I have a voice and it needs to be heard, and people love listening to me speak and thank me.

I honour my journey and the people who have helped me on along my path, the people who lift me higher, have my back and support me. Those who continue to light my flame, which is pure loving support I am so grateful. I will continue to shine and radiate back the inspiration. I will keep on saying yes when Im feel scared or not ready….because are we never really fully ready?  I also thank the people that have crossed my path, that have used me, betrayed me, put me down, hurt or given me a dis-service, I only send you love back.  Thank you, this is a reminded me of who I do not want to be.

Transformation is constant for me, ever evolving and shedding layers and reminding people that life is here to be joyful and not stagnant. Grounding my energy into the earth is important. My desire to teach the younger generation and to give them an opportunity to hold onto magick for as long as they can before society changes their view of this world. Bringing magic into peoples lives is a gift, sometimes it can feel like a challenge as I don’t feel like I fit the mould everyone else is trying to fit into. I’m not supposed to, I am a guiding light for others to let go of that idea also. I love moving forward into new creations!

I dare you to follow what lights you up, you just never know where it will takes you. I can only imagine it will be more than you can ever have thought. The risks, joys and the expansion in your learning will all pay off for you immensely. Let your Metamorphosis begin!

Maria Monarch X

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  1. Thanks Maria for this amazing words. I think we all need a reminder that we have our own magic and the way you put it out is really motivating . Arohanui.

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