Elephants and Monarchs

Today 12th August is world Elephant day, dedicated to the preservation and protection of the world’s elephants. What better way to dress the Elephant up with some Monarch wings and celebrate such an awesome creature thats seems to have graced this Earth for many years. World Elephant day is created each year to bring awareness of the dangers facing the African and Asian elephants.

I’ve always had a strong affiliation with Elephants since a young girl, perhaps it’s because been in awe of their size. Personally to me they always looked like they were feeling a little sad, when I first experienced an Elephant in captivity at London Zoo. Another reason why I am drawn to these magnificent creatures is that they have roamed our planet since way back, they look so prehistoric with their beautiful tusks yet so graceful taking each step in their stride. I can also remember my love of reading story books with Elephants in, and watching David Attenborough documentaries very young feeling teary and sad when they couldn’t find water when their land had dried out walking for days searching for food. The elephants would walk in single file holding the elephants tail in front with their tusk so gently it was an amazing site.

So why, like so many animals they are on the endangered list? Why would anyone take ivory or kill Elephants for prize, ego or for poaching which brings the species to the brink of extinction. Have these people got no hearts? This has to stop now!! Your’e thinking how could I help? When overseas do not purchase any products thats related to Elephants or perhaps donate to Elephants sanctuaries around the World.

Unfortunately humans often take the land where elephants live in order to farm and develop it. Land is scarce and our population is sky rocketing, land is needed for people to live and survive, which results in a loss of habitat for the Elephants. Farmers have also been known to kill elephants to stop them encroaching on their crops, but why build/grow crops into the areas where Elephants once roamed freely? Their habitat is lost and they have no choice but to come into new areas to survive and look for food. Feeling of confusing, they have to look elsewhere for food and a new home with parade of Elephants.

Elephants are a symbol of strength and power. It is also praised for its size, longevity, stamina, mental faculties, cooperative spirit, and loyalty.

Elephants Taronga Zoo Sydney

Elephants have helped carry human and work in the fields, in the heat. Without ever complaining, just serving humans. There are only 400,000 approximately on this Earth* Conservation efforts are helping the African Elephant population to rebound—their numbers are slowly increasing. Unfortunately, the population of Asian elephants is still in decline

The World Wildlife Fund says: “More African elephants are now being poached than being born. No one wants to grow up in a world without elephants and the clock is ticking to save them.

“This World Elephant Day we must recognise the issues that threaten African and Asian elephants and come together to tackle them”.

The Monarch butterfly, lives very much in the moment so freely and life spam is very short on this planet in comparison to the Elephants. Both animals are very special in terms of spirituality they teach us many things. The Monarch strength is comparable relative to their size. Both the Elephant and Monarch each have their own migratory routes overwinter, and travel long distances. I hope knowledge and ideas to help with better care and management of captive and wild Elephants, so the Elephant will be able to live for many more years.

*according to reports World Wildlife Magazine

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