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Book me for as a guest speaker at your next garden club night, rotary club or Lions club.  I will talk all about raising caterpillars, monarchs and caring for the swan plants once they have been demolished so they will replenish again for the next batch of caterpillars. I will guide you how to create that perfect butterfly garden at home or a school or local business.

I will share with you heaps of advice for planning ahead for the season and growing from seed, so your always have enough swan plants and raise healthy monarchs.  I will teach you in depth about my special project I started in 2017 sowing 4000 swan plants with the help from over 100 Christchurch schools which has proven to be very successful as Pre schools and schools have not have to buy as many if any swan plants out of their own pocket and have had enough to last them through the peak summer.

More info can be found here about my project  Project Swan Plant 4000

I will teach you how to achieve a great garden and attract Monarch butterflies to your garden, give out hand outs and display all my personal photos and educational resources with you.

In the summer months Im more than happy to come to retirement homes or hospitals and release the butterflies.

For more details and to discuss your venue please contact me:-

Call me Maria 0276 452 361

Email me

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